Pattern Suppressor v2.8

Free tool for easily removing repeating patterns using Photoshop 😃.

This is a set of free plugins and actions for Adobe Photoshop that will let you easily, and with unparallelled quality, remove regular repeating patterns from images that cannot conveniently be removed by traditional means (for example paper texture and halftone patterns).

If you found this useful, or if you run into trouble, feel free to drop a message in the official forum thread.

Video Tutorial

View on YouTube.

Requirements and compatibility

Requires Photoshop Runs on Mac OS! Runs on Windows!

  • Requires Adobe Photoshop (64-bit). For Windows and macOS.
  • Tested on CS5-CC 2024
    Should work on more versions, if you test another version, drop us a comment.
  • For Photoshop Elements, the actions will never work, but we have gotten reports that the plugins themselves do work (though you need to do the rest of the process by hand).     
  • Recommended with basic knowledge of how to use the Brush Tool, Layers and the Actions Panel (but step-by-step instructions are included in the tutorial).


Files in the downloaded zip-file:

  • libfftwx64_3-3.dllFFTW library. Required by the plugins on Windows.
  • *.8bf/*.plugin – Plugins for doing Fourier transformations (used by the actions).
  • Pattern Suppressor v2.8.atn – Photoshop Actions for doing pattern suppression.
  • Readme.pdf – Detailed information, and short written tutorial.

How to install on Windows:

  1. Copy libfftwx64_3-3.dll to your Photoshop installation folder.
    By default this is C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop [version]\
  2. Copy the 8bf-files to the Photoshop Plug-ins-folder.
    By default this is C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop [version]\Plug-ins\
  3. Restart Photoshop if it was running.
  4. Double-click Pattern Suppressor v2.8.atn to install the actions.
    (You can also choose “Load Actions…” in your Actions Panel Menu).

How to install on macOS:

Note: There are two folders with Mac plugins. One for older Intel-systems, and one for the newer Apple silicon (M1, M2, etc.). Make sure you install the correct version for your system.

  1. Copy the .plugin-files to the Photoshop Plug-ins-folder.
    By default this is /Applications/Adobe Photoshop [version]/Plug-Ins/
  2. macOS blocks files from "unverified developers", but this command should quickly whitelist all plugins in your plugins-folder. Run it using Terminal:
    sudo xattr -r -d /Applications/Adobe\ Photoshop\ 2024/Plug-ins/*.plugin
    Adjust the path to match your version of Photoshop. Thanks to Alin Radut for the tip!
  3. Restart Photoshop if it was running.
  4. Double-click Pattern Suppressor v2.8.atn to install the actions.
    (You can also choose “Load Actions…” in your Actions Panel Menu).


Version 2.8 (2023.12.05)

  • Added Mac-versions for Apple Silicon processors (will now work on computers with M1 and newer processors). Thanks to Angrux.

Version 2.7 (2020.11.10)

  • Updated version number and dates in the Actions. Updated the readme.pdf.    .

Version 2.6 (2020.10.27)

  • Updated the Actions-file so it is named "2.6" and not "2" to avoid confusion regarding the version. Note that the processing performed by the actions have not changed since version 2.

Version 2.6 (2020.10.17)

  • Fixed a minor spelling mistake in a readme-message.
  • Removed an unnecessary folder from the ZIP-file.

Version 2.6 (2019.12.21)

  • Replaced the Windows-plugins with the multi-threaded versions that we've had lying around for a long time but didn't actually publish. Thanks to Francesco Pierfederici. This gives a performance boost (for the transformation itself, not the rest of the action).
  • Common error messages added to the readme-file. No other changes.
  • The version on Adobe Exchange will no longer be updated due to Adobe making the process super inconvenient.

Version 2.5 (2018.08.01)

  • Added Mac-versions of the plugins! (Thanks to Francesco Pierfederici).
    Place in plugins-folder. No dll needed. (Actions are the same as for the Windows version).
  • From now on we will also start to publish the Pattern Suppressor on the Adobe Exchange.

Version 2 (2018.06.31)

  • Added support for color images!
  • Reworked automatic suppression actions. It is now a lot more accurate.
  • New naming scheme for plugin-files.

Version 1 (2017.03.03)

  • Ronc rewrote the plugins and removed the "white red channel"-bug of the old FFT plugins that occured at certain image sizes.
  • Actions created by Chain to make pattern removal semi-automatic.
  • Additional processing added to get better results compared to traditional manual process.
  • Plugins compatible with 8/16/32-bit images.